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Maggie is a legendary pistol manufactured by Jakobs. In Borderlands 2, Maggie is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Mick Zaford located in The Dust. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Maggie is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source Maggie ist eine legendäre Pistol hergestellt von Jakobs. Maggie kann man von jeder beliebigen Beutequelle erhalten aber Mick Zaford hat eine erhöhte Chance sie fallen zu lassen, nachdem die Clankriegs-Missionen abgeschlossen wurden Maggie/Variant Chart - Borderlands Wiki - Walkthroughs, Weapons, Classes, Character builds, Enemies, DLC and more! Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Borderlands Wiki . 7,664 Pages. Add new page. Borderlands Universe. Games. Borderlands; Borderlands 2. In Borderlands 3 Quest Reward Items are rewarded after or during a quest. After the quest is completed there are 2 ways to farm Base Game items:. Eridian Fabricator On the Legendary firing mode, the Eridian Fabricator occasionally drops quest reward items from Base Game.; Crazy Earl's Veteran Rewards machine in Sanctuary has one Quest Reward Item from the Base game as the Item of the day It's like the game is aware that Maggie is my all time favorite Legendary weapon in Borderlnds 2 and wants to taunt me with it. The last 3 Maggie pistols I have found were all damn Two-fers!!! (My..

Keep fighting he is the only one that drops a maggie can take a while tho(lvl 62 Gunzerker) well, i think i was lucky because the first time i killed him in normal he dropped it and later i was on my way to the train to lynchwood, killed him again and he dropped another maggie. guess i'm gonna grind for a while. thanks for repl The Maggie is a returning weapon from Borderlands 2. Unlike most legendary weapons, the name and flavor text are not a pop-culture reference but instead draw from in-game lore. Monty refers to Montgomery Jakobs, the founder of the Jakobs corporation; his wife was named Maggie, as mentioned in at least one Echo log found on the Family Jewel Slagga is a legendary submachine gun in Borderlands 2 manufactured by bandits. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Tector & Jimbo Hodunk located in The Dust, and from the Sorcerer's Daughter located in the Lair of Infinite Agony

Rápido video com a localização do Mick Zafford e o modo mais fácil de farma-lo pela Maggie! Música de fundo: Forza 3 OST - Superleggera The Maggie is the legendary Jakobs pistol. It drops from Mic Zafford out in the Dust. This weapon has a shotgun like spread, and it is very fun to use. I thi..

Die offizielle Website mit Informationen zur preisgekrönten Shooter-Looter-Reihe Borderlands samt Erweiterungsinhalten und verwandten Produkten Video : Borderlands 2 | Je vous explique comment avoir le pistolet maggie les amis ;). Pour me suivre et avoir plus de vidéo c'est par ici : _____..

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Borderlands 2 bietet einen einzigartigen Grafik Stil den es so kein zweites Mal gibt. Ein spezieller Generator erzeugt eine unglaubliche Vielfalt an verschiedensten Items, darunter Waffen, Schilde, Artifakte, Geger und vieles mehr. Wählen Sie eine von 4 Charakterklassen um einen bis ins kleinste Detail erdachten Planeten mit unzähligen verschiedenen Szenarien zu erkunden und eine packende. Borderlands 2 ist ein Ego-Shooter mit Space Western-Szenario in Cel-Shading-Grafik und der Nachfolger von Borderlands.. Das Spiel wurde von Gearbox Software entwickelt und vom Publisher 2K Games am 18. September 2012 in Amerika und am 21. September 2012 international für Windows, Xbox 360 und PlayStation 3 veröffentlicht. Ein Ableger für iOS erschien am 31 The maggie and slagga are legendary weapons (orange rarity) and have a low drop rate, the hodunk guy drops the slagga and mick zaford drops the maggie, but they dont every time. It took me less than 15 tries to get my maggie but it could take you shorter or longer depending on your luck. Also, you can only get one or the other per character since once you side with one clan, you can only kill.

Borderlands 2 Easter egg Weapon the maggie where to get it. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 2:45. BORDERLANDS 2 - Minecraft Easter Egg Tutorial! Easy Legendary Weapon Farming (Minecraft Easter Egg) Borderlands 2. 0:50. Borderlands 2 Miss Moxxis Rubi Easter egg weapon. Jeremiahwilkersonc5v . 0:41. Borderlands 2 Miss Moxxis Acuminous Good Touch SMG easter egg weapon. Trick Shot Maggie. The Trick Shot Prefix allows the gun to ricochet bullets by default, the maggie works like borderlands 1 Masher guns, and with gaiges close enough, the ricochet bullets dont lose their damage reduction this works just like the fibber but is more suited for boss fights but the fibber is better suited for crowd control Borderlands 2: The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler is a DLC for Borderlands 2, featuring a Thanksgiving theme. It includes a new mission as well as unlockable heads and skins for.

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  1. Borderlands 2. close. Games. videogame_asset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. chevron_left. chevron_right. Recently added 23 View all 1,096. Log in to view your list of favourite games. View all games. Mods. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. New chevron_right. Trending chevron_right. Most endorsed.
  2. Borderlands 2 - Kurztipps: Spielautomat, Gute Waffe sehr schnell bekommen, Anfängertipp, Orangene Item Fundorte 2, Leicht hochleveln -erst beim Endgegner möglich
  3. g mic 1 to 50 reloads Borderlands 2 : How to Get Severe Shredifier - Legendary Weapon http://www.youtu..
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  5. utes ago. Finally I got the Maggie! 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in.
  6. Borderlands 2:Legendary Gear. From Borderlands Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Pistols; 2 6 Rocket Launchers; 7 Shields; 8 Class mods; 9 Grenades; 10 Notes; Pistols. Name Manufacturer Dropped By Effects Related Quest Maggie: Jakobs Mick Zaford,The Dust Fires 6 bullets for 1 Clan War - Side with Hodunks Infinity: Vladof Doc Mercy, Three Horns Valley Clip size of 1. Consumes.

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Borderlands 2:Weapon Prefixes. From Borderlands Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Assault Rifle Prefixes; 2 Sniper Rifle Prefixes; 3 Pistol Prefixes; 4 Shotgun Prefixes; 5 Submachine Gun Prefixes; 6 Rocket Launcher Prefixes; Assault Rifle Prefixes. Accessory Effect Bandit prefix Dahl prefix Jakobs prefix Torgue prefix Vladof prefix Damage + Nassty Attack Boss Nasty Ferocious Fire. For Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled After two hours farming for Maggie revolver.... It drops at level 17 and in 29 Literally picked this up for the first time about 2 hours ago. I'm playing as Sal, and was about Lv. 20 when I got it. It allowed me to get a 30 sec Bloodwing kill, (not sure if I really needed the spoiler there, but better safe than sorry). I'm finding it works particularly well with I'm Your Huckleberry (Increased Pistol Damage and Reload Speed) and Divergent Likeness when coupled with the. But About the Maggie it's an amazing pistol which is why it's still good but I just wanted to say you got a super good drop the Maggie is one of the best pistols. level 1. Jakobs . 1 point · 1 hour ago. Yeah I have a level 9 maggie that my new characters always use and it takes me up to about 20 before I have to put it back in the vault. View entire discussion ( 2 comments) More posts.

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Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons deal a huge punch compared to general weapons in the game. They are more accurate and enable you to apply elemental effects to take down even the most shielded and. Exorian 5 years ago #2 Two-Fer, for double shot (and double ammo use too). You shouldn't have to worry about accuracy with Maggie, because it's a shotgun in all respects, except gun type 2.2x weapon zoom; Critical hits ricochet one bullet at the nearest enemy. How to Get Dastardly Maggie. The Dastardly Maggie is a world drop that can appear pretty much anywhere. There's an equal.

Borderlands 3: Season Pass 2 mit zwei weiteren Add-ons angekündigt Gearbox hat den Season 2 Pass des Loot-Shooters Borderlands 3 angekündigt. 13 Bless Unleashed: Jetzt für die Closed Beta des. This page was last edited on 9 October 2014, at 17:41. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors Borderlands 3: Legendäre Waffen finden - Liste und Fundorte Es gibt wohl kein schöneres Gefühl, als in Borderlands 3 legendäre Waffen zu finden. Die orangen Waffen gehören zur Speerspitze im. Borderlands 2:Pistol/Prefixes. Borderlands 3's 181 legendary weapons are the game's most powerful, thanks to a combination of base and elemental damage, as well as special traits that make them even more potent. The Location is Meridian Metroplex in Promethea. Some Fans Think New Destiny 2 Armor is Copying Halo It drops from Mick Zaford, The Dust (Side with Hodunks durin 2 are prizes from slot machines (2 for each class). 14 drop from enemies and bosses. 8 are mission rewards. They can also be purchased as DLC. See: Borderlands 2: Complete List of All Skins. Vehicle Skin

The 'Borderlands 2 Save File Editor' by Gibbed lets you create new save files or modify existing save data in Borderlands 2.For example, you can level up your Vault Hunter, add more money, skip missions, and add awesome weapons to your backpack. Check here if you are looking for the Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Save File Editor.. This tool has been updated to work with the latest DLC. Legendäre Waffen. Wir zeigen euch wie ihr an die seltenen Waffen in Borderlands The Pre Sequel kommt. Skullmasher Scharfschützengewehr (Jakobs) Beschreibung:Feuert mehrere Geschosse wie eine Schrotflinte So schaltet ihr diese Waffe frei: Drop vom versteckten Boss Nel - Hier geht es zum Guide. 88 Fragnum Pistole (Torgue) Beschreibung: Feuert mehrere Projektile wie eine Schrotflinte Borderlands 2. Gearbox. We may be out of the huge DLC portion of the game after Krieg's debut this fall, however. It also seems unlikely that Borderlands is going to turn itself into. Build and view stats for any gear found in Borderlands 2 using the all-new Gear Calculator V2. All types of gear are supported (guns, shields, grenade mods, class mods, and relics This can also be done in Borderlands 2. Fast travel to Sawtooth Cauldron. Go forward, and jump off the cliff to reach Sawtooth Stilts. Then, turn left, and go through Smoking Guano Grotto. You will eventually reach the Main Street Reservoir area. Continue until you are at the very edge of the map, on a beach overlooking the reservoir. Scattered around the beach are five colored barrels. Shoot.

Stop with the Two-Fer Maggies game I abhor them

Gearbox veterans will likely recognize this weapon from Borderlands 2, so collectors who value nostalgia in their prizes will want one too. Now for some bad news. Unfortunately, the Maggie Legendary pistol isn't something that you can just farm one specific boss for. Well, you can farm one easy boss over and over as a loot source (we would recommend Graveward) but there's no one boss that has. A guide about all the Legendary Weapons in Borderlands 2. Note that this includes guns, grenades, mods, and shields. Published June 9, 2013 · updated September 28, 2013. 4 pages · 3,008 reads . Action Borderlands Two Guide Weapons More.. Report. T T Info. HellFire. Hornet. Veruc. Longbow. Conference Call. Maggie. Storm Front. The Cradle. Infinity. Lyuda/White Death. Emperor. Borderlands 2. Borderlands Gun Dastardly Maggie Jakobs Nisha Gun 3D gedruckt Real Life Replica Prop Pistole 3ddelight. Aus dem Shop 3ddelight. 4.5 von 5 Sternen (243) 243 Bewertungen. ab 28,99.

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BORDERLANDS 2 | *Maggie* Legendary Weapons Guide by YOTESLAYA. 4:44. BORDERLANDS 2 | *Lyuda* Legendary Weapons Guide by YOTESLAYA. 5:04. BORDERLANDS 2 | *Black Hole* Legendary Weapons Guide by YOTESLAYA. 4:47. BORDERLANDS 2 | *Badaboom* Legendary Weapons Guide by YOTESLAYA. 5:02. BORDERLANDS 2 | *Bitch* Legendary Weapons Guide by YOTESLAYA. 7:15. BORDERLANDS 2 | *Striker* Legendary Weapons. In Borderlands 2, the Vault Hunters can only hear his voice in ECHO recordings. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel he shows up on Handsome Jack's ECHO communicator. Karima. Karima is a non playable character that appears in Borderlands 2 and in the Borderlands Pre-Sequel DLC, the Claptastic Voyage. She is the administrator of Overlook. Krieg. Krieg is the sixth playable character in Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2. Maggie: Striker: Conference Call: The Bee . Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. Antifection: Infection Cleaner: Hot Mama: Toothpick: Retainer: World Burn . A special legendary Maliwan gun for Borderlands 3 is also available as a VIP reward. To unlock it you need to claim at least eight other VIP reward guns (grenade and shield mods count toward this total); these can. Arid Nexus Badlands [] Bone Head 2.0 []. Only has the statistical chance of dropping the Bone Shredder, which is a purple unique, not a legendary. The Bone Shredder can also be found in Borderlands 1 You also obtain it from the butcher in Tiny Tina's assault on the dragon keep

Borderlands 2 Zer0 Helm Maske Halloween Kostüm Cosplay Spiel Prop #510 DKProStudio. Aus dem Shop DKProStudio. 5 von 5 Borderlands Gun Dastardly Maggie Jakobs Nisha Gun 3D gedruckt Real Life Replica Prop Pistole 3ddelight. Aus dem Shop 3ddelight. 4.5 von. Borderlands 2 Level Glitch Partner? Wie in der Frage oben beschrieben würde ich gerne meinen Charakter von Level 55 auf Level 72 durch den Levelglitch in Pandora bei Marcus (Stein, Papier, Massenmord) aufleveln, bräuchte dazu jedoch einen Partner der vielleicht schon Level 72 ist und eine Infinity Pistol und die drei Lady fists besitzt und mir helfen würde aufzuleveln

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  1. Forums > Borderlands Series > Borderlands 2 News and Discussion > Borderlands 2 Discussion Forums > Borderlands 2 General > Maggie vs Slagga? Discussion in 'Borderlands 2 General' started by Total Borderlands Addict, Dec 13, 2012. Total Borderlands Addict New Member. Joined: Dec 13, 2012 Messages: 131 Likes Received: 0. Okay, so on my Assassin character, I went with the Hodunks, and after.
  2. Save money with TypoBargains on eBay - find Borderlands 3 Maggie Pc bargains in category Collections, Lots for b0rderlands 3 maggie pc, b8rderlands 3 maggie pc, b9rderlands 3 maggie pc, bborderlands 3 maggie pc, birderlands 3 maggie pc, bkrderlands 3 maggie pc, blrderlands 3 maggie pc, bo3derlands 3 maggie pc, bo4derlands 3 maggie pc, bo5derlands 3 maggie pc, bodderlands 3 maggie pc.
  3. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Boderlands 3-Wicked Maggie (modifizierte) Mega Damage (50% CORO 2 mag) (LvL 1) bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel

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Borderlands 2 lebt wieder - April bringt die höchsten Spielerzahlen seit 5 Jahren. 29.03.2019. Borderlands: Handsome Collection Ultra HD - Trailer zeigt die Vorgänger von Borderlands 3 in der. Borderlands 2: Best Zero Build and Gear. Players that are curious about the best skills and gear to use with Zero in Borderlands 2 can find full details in this guide Borderlands 2: Im folgenden seht ihr all jene Gegner die im späteren Verlauf legendäre also orangene Waffen droppen. Hierbei will ich noch erwähnen das einzelne Waffen auch durch einen zweiten. All Borderlands 2 Guides! You May Also Like: Borderlands 2 - Hidden Easter Egg (Ghost) / Commander Lilith & the Fight; Borderlands 2 - OP10 Gaige Anarchy Build / UCP and Vanilla Compatible; Borderlands 2 - Achievement Guide (Commander Lilith & the Fight for; Borderlands 3 - Trailer Secret Shift Code; Borderlands 2 - Golden Keys Explaine IGN's Borderlands 2 Wiki guide features a complete walkthrough for all missions, detailed interactive maps, and how-to guides for gathering al

Borderlands 2 Main Quests. Borderlands 2 features 19 main quest missions, known as Story Missions or Chapters. These are usually significantly longer than the more plentiful Side Quests and make. ja, aber auch der Revolver Maggie ist nützlich . Antwort #6, 29. Oktober 2012 um 16:20 von RedFrost gelöschter User sagt Danke! Borderlands 2 bietet genauso viel Spaß wie der erste Teil. Here are all the codes you will probably ever need for borderlands 2. It took me a while to get some of these so have fun everyone ! -EXT} Droppables in BL2! BL2(BwAAAACFfAAbEQDwQBAAwA==)IED Booster BL2(BwAAAAD1FAAAEEygQxAAwA==)Shield Booster BL2(BwAAAABoEAAADCChAxIAwA==)Turtle Up! BL2(BwAAAACxoQMDEAfoEBAAwA==)Moxxi Portrait,1 BL2(BwAAAAD50gMBEAPoEBAAwA==)Moxxi Portrait,2 BL2. Well redeem these Borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes and obtain several Golden Keys. With these keys, you can gain access to the golden chest in Sanctuary. You can find the chest near the fast travel network. The loot inside this golden chest is always of a high rarity. Borderlands 2 SHiFT codes are provided by Gearbox Software and function as loyalty rewards for the Borderlands community. New codes. Borderlands 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Vengeful helps make it a true stream of bullets and is especially nice if you're using fire rate skills also. StiCkY BanDz. Trick Shot Maggie is an orange Pistol in Borderlands 2. I'm looking to get my hands on a shock hail for my Gaige, but I have no idea what the best prefix for the hail is. Borderlands 3's 181 legendary weapons are.

2 Bosses, 1 White Chest, 3 Red Chests, 1 Hyperion Red Chest, 2 Hyperion Yellow Chests. Arid Nexus - Boneyard Farming Route . Enter this area from Badlands (i.e. travel to Badlands and enter the doorway behind you). Go forward to the left into a hole in the ground with a ladder. Go through the tube, get a red chest. Exit, continue. Net If you want to experience Borderlands 2 in a new way, this modpack is exactly for you. Currently including 150+ mods and over 750 changes! Requirements DLC requirements. DLC name ; S01 - Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty: S01 - Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage: S01 - Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt: S01 - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: Premiere Club: Mechromancer Pack: Psycho and. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art

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Borderlands 3 [PC] Borderlands 3 Tech Support. enemyarea. September 23, 2019, 1:34am #1. Here are two screenshots for a side by side comparison. Both online mode with the latest hotfix being applied (9/19/2019) and offline mode without the hotfix. Unfortunately I no longer own the Masher from completing the Don't Truck with Eden-6 side quest anymore. I had to get rid of it due to running out. Borderlands 2: Legendary Drop Locations. Posted on June 29, 2019. A compiled guide on the drop locations of legendaries. Table of Contents. Pistols; Shotguns; Submachine Guns ; Assault Rifles; Sniper Rifles; Rocket Launchers; Shields; Related Posts: Pistols. Gub - Laney White, The Fridge Hornet - Knuckle Dragger, Windshear Waste / DJ Hunter Hellquist, Arid Nexus Boneyard (mission: This.

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Borderlands 3 Map. Update: Krieg's Mind map released! Pandora Sanctuary Promethea Athenas Eden-6 Nekrotafeyo The Handsome Jackpot Xylourgos Gehenna Krieg's Mind[WIP] Events. 100% Checklist Weapons List Side Missions? Show All Hide All Overlay. X. Search. Collectibles. Crimson Radio 7. Dead Claptrap 10. ECHO Log 33. Eridian Writing 11. Hijack Target 4. Legendary Hunt 5. Typhon Drop 7. Typhon. 03. Dez Borderlands 2: Pete, der Unbesiegbare... 02. Dez Borderlands 2: Confrence call und Maggi; 02. Dez Borderlands 2: brauche hilfe bei lerne jack kennen 01. Dez Borderlands 2: Wo finde ich. 200 Borderlands 3d models are waiting for you. Download or buy, then render or print from the shops or marketplaces. 3D Models below are suitable not only for printing but also for any computer graphics like CG, VFX, Animation, or even CAD Borderlands 2 Maggie trade/dupe I finally got a Maggie to drop from mick zafford on about my 20th try. It was only a 49 and after about 70 times more killing him I got nothing, anyone willing to help me with a trade/dupe? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I recommend this discussion (0) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to.

Borderlands 2 Cheat Compilation by TechnoJacker I'm just reup this awesome (and fully functional, tested 03/04/2017) table. Please support TechnoJacker. TechnoJacker's google drive, for more borderlands cheat compilation and stuff Borderlands ist das Diablo 2 unter den Ego Shootern, und was anderes hat man da auch nicht gemacht. Und selbst bei Borderlands 1,2 und Presequel war Bosse neu Laden etwas völlig normales

Rage 2 and Borderlands 3's situation will only grow more complicated once we actually see what Gearbox for their game. But even if the games don't release that close to one another, the damage. Borderlands 3: Seltene Spawn-Bosse - Genaue Fundorte auf der Karte Die Gebiete von Borderlands 3 sind teilweise ziemlich verwinkelt und abseits der Hauptwege gibt es viele versteckte Bosse zu.

Maggie age como uma Escopeta, atira 6 balas de uma vez por custo de 1. Essa... é uma das minhas favoritas junto com a Norfleet e a Harold. Para pegar essa belezinha você tem que fazer uma série de quests do Clan War que libera no nivel 16 em Santuario naquele telefone. Depois que fazer elas você tem que fazer uma escolha. A unica que muda alguma coisa no jogo... Se você escolher os. Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. Taking place five years following the events of Borderlands (2009), the game is once again set on the planet of Pandora. The story follows a new group of Vault Hunters who must ally with the Crimson Raiders, a resistance group made up of civilian survivors and guerrilla fighters, to. (Borderlands 2) Ich finde wie jeder andere, ab und zu neue Skins. Komischerweise kann ich sie nicht auswählen. Bsp.: Ich habe vor kurzen diesen Herr der Ringe Gollum auf dem Lavapfad gelegt und. <p> Why u wanna use purging? </p> <p>Aug 11, 2013 @ 9:32pm Vengeful w/ vladdof grip = So, all pistol buffs, with a shotgun spread, range and pellet count. In fact, blame all problems on a lack of coffee.Two-Fer, for double shot (and double ammo use too). <details><summary>Pistols</summary>Dahlminator Dahl Best Parts: Dahl grip Neutralizing, Loaded, or React Prefix Title Prefixes 1. Save money with misspelled items on eBay - find Borderlands 3 Maggie Ps4 bargains for b0rderlands 3 maggie ps4, b8rderlands 3 maggie ps4, b9rderlands 3 maggie ps4, bborderlands 3 maggie ps4, birderlands 3 maggie ps4, bkrderlands 3 maggie ps4, blrderlands 3 maggie ps4, bo3derlands 3 maggie ps4, bo4derlands 3 maggie ps4, bo5derlands 3 maggie ps4, bodderlands 3 maggie ps4, boderlands 3 maggie ps4.

Borderlands 2 - How to easily get the Maggie - YouTubeLegendary - &#39;Maggie&#39; Pistol | Borderlands 2 Guide - YouTubeBorderlands 2 (Dastardly Maggie) Giveaway PS3 **CLOSEDGub » Borderlands 2 Legendary Pistol » MentalMarsBorderlands 3 “dastardly Maggie ” Anointed LVL 50 GOD ROLL

Borderlands 2 is a 2012 sequel to Gearbox Software's Borderlands. Five years after the original Vault was opened, the Hyperion Corporation has taken over Pandora and begun extensive mining operations for Eridium, a precious mineral that has begun to appear across the planet. Led by its president, Handsome Jack (who stole the credit for opening the Vault and defeating the Destroyer), Hyperion. Luckily, most of the skills in Borderlands 2 are quite useful, but there are others you should avoid like the plague. Unless you've found a great Jakobs weapon, such as the Maggie, you won't want to waste 5 skill points on it. 6 Unf0rseen - Zero. While Unf0rseen is a great idea due to the stealth aspect of Zero's class, it's definitely his worst skill by far. What this skill does. This information is shared for educational purposes only. Sign in | Recent Site Activity | Report Abuse | Print Page | Powered By Google Sites | Recent Site Activity | Report Abuse | Print Page | Powered By Google Site Borderlands 3: Splits into 3 projectiles. Hits twice: 59. Gatling Gun: N: Billy, The Anointed: Lair of the Harpy: Jakobs Estate: Full-Auto. Increases fire rate the longer you shoot. +Crit% bonus : 60. Hand of Glory: N: Quest Reward: Guns of Reliance: Floodmoor Basin: 2-Round burst: 61. Lead Sprinkler: N: Billy, The Anointed: Lair of the Harpy: Jakobs Estate: Hits spawn explosive projectiles.

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